A city in a bath tub

Berry-Lava, snow and a new city called Bath – it was a great week 🙂


This week, Bea and I travelled to a city called Bath. This city has just one colour – light yellow. I have never seen a whole city in one colour. And it is the first time I have seen a city which is built in a bath tub 🙂 When we arrived, the city was covered with snow, so it looked like a city in a bubble bath…. hihihhiihi…

We discovered a lot of the city – the Romans Bath, the Jane Austen Centre (well, that was Bea´s idea), the pump room and nearly every inch of this tub city. There are so many beautiful things to see, but the most fascinating thing is: Bath looks like a tub…. hihiiiihihi

One night, I dreamt of a gigantic bath tub and the Berry Volcano (Part 1 and Part 2) and how all the Berry Lava flowed from the Volcano into the gigantic bath tub. Woooowwww… that smelled great but it was veeeeeery hot. I woke up with a huge hunger for cold Berry Lava. So it was time to create one 🙂

Last week, Bea promised to prepare Berry Lava for me and the corresponding Mini Recipe for you and she did it. Like in the Volcano Comic Part 1, Bea put a few banana slices into the Berry Lava, so I could easily walk from one side to the other. The Berry Lava tastes sooooo gooooood…. yummy 🙂

Trixilie Mini Recipe Berry Lava

With much pleasure, I present you the Mini Recipe “Berry Lava”. You can download it  here for free Click! I wish you lots of joy with it. 🙂

Trixilie Mini Recipe Berry Lava

Which adventures did you have this week?

Hugs and Kisses


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