a new version of Trixilie´s Diary

This week starts a new version of Trixilie´s Diary.

Every week Trixilie will choose one picture of the week. Each picture has a specific meaning for her and she will write which and why. So I (Bea) stop to write Trixilie´s adventures of the week and Trixilie will start to write on her own. That is a big adventure for her and she is really excited. So I wish you lots of fun with Trixilie 🙂

Best wishes




Trixilie: Hi you 🙂 I hope you had a great week. I had a wonderful week 🙂 Bea created one of my Berrytholdy picture a bit new. She put the sentence „Enjoy food in a different way“ on my tasty river picture. Isn´t it cute 🙂

I love the river cruises in Berrytholdy. The taste of the river is fantastic . It is a mixture of sweet and sour… hihihihi… I can´t decide which taste is more – sweet or sour… hihihii 🙂 The smell is magnificent. The air smells like pineapples, basil, leek and sunny 🙂 And the big apple sun warms my skin and wings. You see, it is a lovely place.

But now I present you my picture of the week. After Bea refreshed the river picture  we coloured it for two evenings and the result is gorgious:


Trixilie´s Enjoy food in a different way River Picture

It was a lot of fun to colour it. Most of the time we wanted to use the same pen… hihihi… or I stood on the picture and Bea had to colour around me…hihihiihihi 🙂 or I tried to colour and Bea took some pictures:


Trixilie colouring

So we had a great time together and the picture is perfect 🙂

Thank you Bea 🙂

What do you think about the picture? How would you colour it? If you like, you can send me a photo of your colouring result. I would be very glad about it 🙂 Here is the Email Address:




I wish you a great week.

Hugs and Kisses


P.S.: Eat more rainbows 🙂




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