a sweet home

How do you like to live?

What does your home or dream home look like?

Last week, Bea and I saw a little birdhouse. It had a mini chimney with a stork, a lovely roof and a few windows. It looked really pretty and so it is my picture of the week:


On the way back at home I had a closer look at the human houses. They looked different. Some were blue, green or orange. There were black, brown and red roofs. Others had a mini front garden.

Later Bea showed me some pictures of other cities and villages and the most houses looked  different. In Berrytholdy the houses look also different. Some fairies live in stones or trees, other don´t like to live in houses, they sleeping under the stars.

I am very fortunate to live in my dream house. In Berrytholdy, my house is a pear and in the front garden are currants. In the human world, I live with Bea and have my own little box-bed.

What does your home or dream home look like? Please write a comment below.

Hugs and Kisses


P.S.: Home Sweet Home 😉


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