A wish came true :)

Everybody has a different view on things. This makes the world colourful (and it doesn´t matter if you live in a human world or fairy world).

Even you colour some pictures – everbody loves different colours, pens, techniques, papers, motives and so on. So I really like to see your colouring results. And my wish came true 🙂

Last week I have had a mail with a lovely picture. Rabea from Berlin coloured the „Enjoy food in a different way – River“ picture and sent me a photo of it.


I love it! It is gorgeous. She gave me brown hairs and a red orange dress. So cute 🙂 Do you see the red cheeks? Hihiihihihi… this is a really lovely idea 🙂

Because of the blue and violet colour of the river, it could taste like blueberry juice or a mixture of cherry and blueberry juice… mmmhhh… that sounds delicious 🙂

Rabea, you made my week. So your photo is my picture of the week 🙂 Thank you soooo much for your lovely photo 🙂 I love the colours, the blueberries on the broccoli, my red cheeks, the brown hair and… everything else 🙂

Please send me more of it 🙂

A lot of Hugs and Kisses


P.S.: Eat more rainbows 😉



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