Adventures in Berlin´s underground trains

Why are some people so mean?

Two days ago, Bea and I were in Berlin underground trains. There are always different types of people. Sometimes, there are homeless people asking for some money or food, or business people who frowningly read their phones. Sometimes, there are giggling teenagers or laughing old people. And sometimes, there are kids from the kindergarten.

Two days ago, there was a group from a kindergarten. A few of the kids said really nasty things to a little girl. I will not repeat the words, but they said something really mean about her body shape. So I flew to these horrible kids and pinched their earlobes. They didn´t see me but they touched their earlobes and stopped teasing the girl. Then the teacher came to these naughty kids, so I flew back to Bea.

But I was still angry. Why are some humans so mean? Everyone looks different. Some have round heads and others have small eyes. Some have a lot of hairs and others not. Some talk a lot and other like to listen. Why should all living beings be or look equal? That makes no sense. In Berrytholdy every fairy is and looks different and that is amazing, beautiful and makes Berrytholdy really colourful.

Perhaps all the people involved learned something – including me. Bea said, it isn´t nice to pinch someone´s earlobes. She is right. So this is for the mean kids „I apologize for pinching your earlobes.“

The rest of the week was quite peaceful:

  • I met two police officers on horseback. That was incredible. These horses were entirely deep black, breathtakingly beautiful and sooooooo big – I´m just as big as one of their eyes! One of the police officers smiled and winked at me – I think. I sat on Bea´s shoulder, so it could also be that he meant Bea.
  • I won and lost some butterfly races.
  • I ate blood sorrel for the first time.
  • And I had a relaxing bath in a Galia melon full of a lavender tea 🙂

That was so great, that this bath is my picture of the week. It is more a swimming pool instead of a bath…hihiihii 🙂

You see, I had a great week. How was your week?

Ups… I nearly forget the best: This week my little gift for you is a Mini Comic about „You are perfect“. I asked Bea if she could transform her little sketch from Instagram into a real Mini Comic – and she did. Hooray. THANK YOU 🙂 So, here it is: „Mini Comic: You are perfect“ 🙂

If the little girl from the underground train reads this: I LIKE YOUR SHAPE! You are perfect 🙂

Hugs and Kisses


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