back from hibernation

Yes, I was a long time silent.

After the last post I felt sad about the cold winter weather in Berlin and went back to Berrytholdy.

Bea had also some sort of hibernation and so we enjoyed the winter in silence.

I visited Bea every now and then. She placed the Berrytholdy Pages besides her bed (where my bed is) and so I could use the Pages as a shortcut from Berrytholdy to her. When I visited her we had fairy evenings – we cooked, read fairy tales and cuddled a lot 🙂 So the winter time went by in a flash.

Last week I visited Bea again, but this time she took me outside into the park and I saw the very beginning of the spring. Wow… spring time is so beautiful 🙂

Bea took a photo of me and some snowdrops. I love this picture, it became my picture of the week:

Trixilie and some snowdrops

The snowdrops are so fine, but also strong enough to be the first flowers after a cold winter. That’s amazing.

I am very, very curious about the spring and the next flowers. So I stay by Bea again and will discover the spring 🙂 Every day we walk to the park and I discover a tiny bit more of the spring – birds singing again, some flowers break through the earth, the wind begins to smell sweet,… what a big gift 🙂

What are your favorite flowers in spring time?

Hugs and Kisses


P.S.: Eat more rainbows 😉

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