blueberry basil punch

alcohol free punch in violet – yummy 😉


ingredients for 2 persons:

40g of blueberries

10g of brown sugar

1 hand-full of basil

350ml of blackcurrant juice

150ml of pineapple juice

2 tbsp. of lemon juice

some ice cubes if desired


blueberry basil punch


Place blueberries in a middle bowl and mash the fruit using a fork.

Chop basil leaves in thinly slices.

Add basil and brown sugar into the bowl. Refrigerate the mixture until cool (2 hours).

Mix lemon juice, pineapple juice and blackcurrant juice and refrigerate until cool (2 hours)

To serve, fill two glasses with blueberry-mixture, lemon-pineapple-blackcurrant-juice and ice.


enjoy your blueberry basil punch 🙂

best wishes


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