Don´t touch the cake

A few weeks ago, Bea prepared a big chocolate cake. It was a test baking for a new colouring recipe.

When she left the kitchen to get to the ringing telephone, she said „Don´t touch the cake!“. During she was in the living room, I thought I could taste the cake. I mean taste is not the same like touch, right?

When Bea came back to the kitchen, I had tasted half of the cake. She was chocked and I had stomach-ache 🙁 The cake was soooooo delicious that I couldn´t stop eating. Bea gave me a bit tea and the warmth teddy and she ate a big piece of the cake with great relish…

Last week she surprised me with this comic and a big piece of the cake 🙂 And this time I had no stomach-ache 🙂

So this little comic is my picture of the week 🙂


Hugs and Kisses


P.S.: Perhaps I should eat more raspberries


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