Follow your dreams

What is your biggest dream?

This week Bea and I talked a lot about dreams and which already came true.

Bea´s dream was to be a vegan recipe creator and artist. Her wish came true with and the shop at etsy. Now she dreams of travelling to Great Britain and it will probably come true in 2017. And I like to join her 🙂

My dream was to have my own book as a home. My wish came true with the book „Berrytholdy“. And now I dream of becoming a great cook. So we are working on this. My very first cooking results are really simple colouring recipes: „Trixilie´s very first recipes“

That´s why my picture of the week is this:


Trixilie´s follow your dreams

It shows a part of Berrytholdy and my way to my family´s home in the fairy land. I had to leave the family book and had to find my own book. In this time I have experienced many adventures, but also sad moments. After Bea has finished my own book, my new home, I was able to visit my family – a big dream came true. So this picture has a special meaning for me…

But what is YOUR big dream? And how will you make it come true? Please write a comment below 🙂

Hugs and Kisses


P.S.: Follow your dreams…



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