Fussy Eater Game – I eat rainbows

Okay, I don´t mean the real rainbows in the sky… but wait… in Trixilie´s world, Berrytholdy, it is possible 😉

So you see, with a little bit of magic your little darling could eat real rainbows – even in the human world. And that´s what this fussy eater game is about – a bit of magic.

I think you already heard about „eat a rainbow every day“. That means eat fruit and vegetables from every colour (green, white, yellow, orange, red and violet) every day. That is definitely a lovely idea, but most of us aren´t able to do so and feel a bit stressed about this „rule“. But the idea behind this rule is great. Every colour has different vitamins and minerals which are necessary for your body.

Back to the bit of magic. In this game your little darling eats together with Trixilie a delicious rainbow. It is some sort of puzzle game in which they create their own rainbow every week. Here are some ideas how to play the game (of course you can suit them to your needs):

Step 1: Print Trixilie´s rainbow picture and the corresponding colour puzzle pieces for you and your child. Yes, you have to play too 😉 You are the role model for your kid. If mummy or daddy doesn´t play the game (eat different fruit and vegetables), why should your little darling do so?

To get Trixilie´s rainbow picture and the corresponding colour puzzle pieces for free, sign up in our newsletter:

(If you don´t want to print Trixilie´s rainbow picture and colour puzzle pieces, you can draw a rainbow on your own and cut some fruit and vegetable pictures from a food brochure / advertisement.)

Step 2: Colour the puzzle pieces and Trixilie´s rainbow picture. Cut out all the puzzle pieces and pin them and Trixilie´s rainbow picture on the fridge or pin board.

Step 3: Now start to play the game. Every time you or your little darling eats a fruit or vegetable you pin the coloured puzzle piece on the rainbow. For example your darling eats a green apple, you pin the apple puzzle piece on the green strip of the rainbow.

Step 4: Replay the game every week 🙂


That´s the theory, but we all know the practice could be different. That´s why I collected a few situation which could happen and how to handle them. If you have other situations and you need a bit of help, write a comment below and we will find a way 🙂

What-if solution proposals:

+ What should I do, when my child wants to eat blue? One of the rainbow colour and some colour puzzle pieces are blue. Only a few fruit and vegetables are blue. So be honest with your child. Take the blue colour puzzle pieces table and think about what are the best blue alternatives for your child. I know one child which drew cucumbers on the table. Another child from a kindergarten insisted on banning plums from the violet colour puzzle pieces table, because in her grandmother´s garden the plums on the trees always look blue not violet. You see, kids are really creative and have their own colour ideas – like all of us 😉

+ What should I do, when my child insists e.g. watermelons are green although only the red is edible? Then the watermelon belongs on the green stripe of the rainbow 😉 You and your child define the rules of this game. Trixilie and I also put watermelon on the green stripe – after all watermelon has a green peel – or the green leaves of red radish as a soup / salad. There are even yellow watermelons and white strawberries. The most important thing is that your child eats fruit and vegetables because it is fun 🙂

+ What should I do, when my child doesn’t want to play this game? If you play this I-eat-rainows-game on your own for a few days and your child has no desire to join in, then… take a deep breath… and first of all do nothing. Perhaps your little darling just doesn´t like this game. That´s totally okay. Not everybody likes Monopoly, so why should everybody like this game? If you like this game, you could play it just for yourself (yes, mummies and daddies are allowed to have fun 😉 ) and/or you play with your child another fussy-eater-game (you find all games here).

Trixilie and I hope you and your little fussy-eater have fun with this game. Let us know how you play it. Write a comment below or mail us some photos of your artwork 🙂



Hugs and Kisses


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