Grapes Easter Decoration

The last week of our Easter Special starts. This week we show you lots of recipes for a great purple Easter.

But what could you use as an Easter decoration when you don´t want to use eggs or sweets? Use purple grapes! They have the same shape like an egg, are sweet without chocolate and you just need a few grapes, a bit of string and a bough.

Grapes Easter Decoration

And here is how to do it:

  1. Cut off a few grapes (leaf a stem on the grapes) from the bunch.
  2. Tie strings around the stems of the grapes and hang them on an Easter branch. That´s it


We wish you a wonderful day.

Tomorrow we will show you a delicious Purple Jam.

Hugs and Kisses

Trixilie & Bea

P.S.: Do you need an Easter gift? How about the Colouring Book “Trixilie´s fairy world Berrytholdy“, where everything is made of fruit and vegetables?

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