Green Edible Easter Decoration

Yippiiieeee! Our Easter Special begins today! We love Easter. For us Easter is the beginning of the spring time. So let´s welcome the spring and all its colours 🙂

Every week, we will show you edible (no sweets) Easter decorations and Easter recipes in one colour. This week is green, then white, yellow, red and purple. So you can choose your favourite colour and celebrate it on Easter. Or you pick out your favourite recipes of each colour and celebrate a colourFULL Easter.

However you want to do it, let´s start with the first colour – GREEN!


What would be Easter without its colourful decorations? Most of the time there are coloured Easter Eggs and colourful sweets on the Easter bouquet. But there are a few other options:


You and your kids can create beautiful patterns into the apples. During that craft session your kids eat a lot of the cut out apple pieces. When the Apple Easter Decoration hangs on your Easter bouquet, it looks beautiful, it smells fresh and fruity and your kids can eat a lot of that decoration.

It is pretty simple to prepare!

You need green apple, small knifes, plates and lemon juice.

1. Mix in a small bowl lemon juice and water at a ratio of 1 to 1. That means for example 100ml lemon juice and 100ml water.

2. Take one apple, a knife and a plate and start to cut patterns into the apple. The best way to do so is: firstly cut the shapes of the pattern and then peel the apple skin out of the pattern.

3. Brush or pour a bit of the lemon juice water mixture on the peeled pattern of the apple. That´s all!


You can tie a string around the apple stem.

Or you tie a string around the whole apple. Then cut at the bottom of the apple for little grooves, so the string won´t slip away.

You see this green decoration is pretty simple, looks great and taste much better. The apples last up to 5 days depending on the warmth of your home and the appetite of your kids 😉

Tomorrow we will show you a delicious kiwi jam for your Easter Breakfast.

We wish you lots of fun with it.

Hugs and Kisses

Trixilie & Bea

P.S.: Do you need an Easter gift? How about the Colouting Book „Trixilie´s fairy world Berrytholdy„, where everything is made of fruit and vegetables?

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