I love you more

What do you love? And how often do you say it?

I noticed that a lot of people don´t say it. But why? Do they forget it? Do they don´t love? I am not sure.

In Berrytholdy every fairy say a lot of „I love it / I love you“ everyday. But in the human world I hear it really rarely in the streets. Perhaps, it is to private and they say it when they are at home?

Bea says a lot of times to me „I love you my little Darling.“ and every time she say it, it feels gigantic. I also love to say it to… hihihi… but I don´t say „my little Darling“… hihihii…  One morning I woke Bea up with „I love you more than raspberries.“. She smiled and said It moved her to tears … hihihii… Isn´t it fantastic. Just a few words could make someone smile.

Last week Bea draw this little drawing and we coloured it. The whole time we hugged, Bea gave some kisses on my forehead and I gave her some kisses on her cheek. The evening was perfect and so lovely 🙂

That´s why this photo is the picture of the week:


Trixilie´s I love you more than raspberries

It reminds me of this wonderful evening and person 🙂

Who or what do you love? And how does your week begin?

Hugs and Kisses


P.S.: I love raspberries a lot


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