I would prefer pink elephants

On Facebook and Twitter you could already read a bit about what happened last week. Today you can read the details. I hope you are sitting comfortably, because at first you will probably not believe me and second it happened so much…

This time it started Tuesday, so exactly one week ago.


Tuesday: 17/05/2016

During the course of the day I found a magic wand in my kitchen. Yes, a magic wand… MAGIC WAND! No, I didn´t try it out, so I can´t tell you if it worked. And how have I known that it was a magic wand? Because it looked like one!

a magic wand in my kitchen

a magic wand in my kitchen

Wednesday: 18/05/2016

On Wednesday, it continued:  At lunch I had pasta and as a dessert fresh raspberries. I didn´t eat up all raspberries. After lunchtime I took a walk  and when I came back home, I found this:

mini footprint and lost raspberries

mini footprint and lost raspberries

Some raspberries were missing and is it possible that there are footprints on the plate? Okay, they are tiny and therefore not my shoe size, but they are distributed evenly… like little mini footprints.

I had come closer to understanding all this. It seemed that this little… uhm… let´s call it „being“… liked to eat raspberries. So I decided to build a raspberry-trap.

For this I needed valerian drops and raspberries. After all I didn´t wanted to hurt anyone.

I bought the  valerian drops at the pharmacy and the  raspberries in an organic-supermarket. Back at home I mixed the raspberries with three drops of valerian drops, put them with some grapes (I didn´t know the being´s appetite) in a glass and put it all in the kitchen.

my raspberry trap

my raspberry trap

In the evening, I suddenly became really tired. It could be, that I accidently nibbled some raspberries when I mixed them with the valerian drops… but really just accidently…


Thursday: 19/05/2016

On Thursday morning, after I had woke up from a deep sleep, I sneaked in my kitchen…

And I could not believe it. I left the kitchen, went into the bathroom, splashed cold water in my face and went back to the kitchen. I still didn´t believe that, so I took a photo. On the photo I saw the same as in real life… unbelievable… on the raspberries laid a little being and slept tightly…

I got up close to the raspberries and took a second photo… the little one was sweet… But could it be I am going insane?

a sleeping fairy on my raspberry trap

a sleeping fairy on my raspberry trap

When I had tried to take another photo, she woke up and stared at me with big round eyes. Probably my eyes looked the same. It was just a moment, but it felt like hours. After some time she said „The raspberries tasted a little bit strange this time.“ I answered: „Because of the valerian drops.“ She only said: „Okay.“

WHAAAAAAATTTT? Had I spoken with a little being? Okay, I definitely have to go to a doctor… right away… now… just put on my shoes and go see a doctor… it would be even better if the doctor would come to me… where is the phone…

„Did you find my magic wand?“ I turned back to the raspberry-being… somehow I had to think about the pink elephant I was afraid of finding in my kitchen. I would have preferred the elephant…

My head was spinning and I sat down on the floor. The raspberry-being saw this and started to come over starting from the raspberries, over the worktop, along the cupboard to me. I became a bit nervous when she stand at my food, climbed up my trouser leg and stood on my knee. I took a picture completely beside me.

a fairy starred at me

a fairy starred at me

The raspberry-being stood on me knee and we both starred at each other.


The silence killed me – as did the raspberry-being on my knee. That is why I plucked up the rest of my courage (because when I already lost my mind- could it became worse?) and asked: „Who are you? What are you? And why are you here? Am I crazy?“  While talking I noticed that my voice was shriller than I thought.

She sat down and started to explain…

Our conversation lasted until late that evening and honestly… I was a complete nerve rack. I needed a long time to realize and understand everything without calling the emergency. That´s why I can´t remember every detail.

But here are some details: Her name is Trixilie, she is a fairy and urgently needs a new home. With ‘a new home’ she means a book, where she can live in. She wants me to draw this book for her. Until the book is finished, she wants to live in my home. It is the first time, that she is in the human world, so she is a bit shy but also curious about all the human things.

little note: Just a few days later (on the weekend) Trixilie and I had a real Interview. This you can read in two days here.


Friday: 20/05/2016

Because Trixilie didn´t want to hide anymore, she slept in a pair of my socks (yes, they were washed freshly) besides my pillow from Thursday to Friday. It was really strange. But she looked cute…

Trixilie sleeps in a pair of socks

Trixilie sleeps in a pair of socks

But a fairy in a pair of socks? It was clear, she needed her own bed. The bed manufacture was quite easily: a little box + some cloth + some cotton wool = bed…. Buuut it is really  strange to discuss the size and ‘décor’ of a bed with  a little fairy…

Trixilie sleeps in her own bed

Trixilie sleeps in her own bed

Saturday and Sunday: 21 and 22/05/2016

The weekend was really interesting. I had bought a huge mountain of raspberries, grapes and blueberries and asked this little fairy a billion questions. Partly, I was really impressed about her answers and some I didn´t understood (I will ask her again in good time). In two days I will post the interview, there you can read for yourself.

On Sunday evening I made the first sketch about Trixilie for her book. She was so happy, that someone sketched her, that she liked to share the sketch to everyone. So I offered her that everyone who wants to have this drawing could download it. (addendum november 2016: Here you can download all drawings trixilie.etsy.com)


Look forward to Thursday (the interview with Trixilie) and to next Tuesday, when you will get the newest, bizarre, funny and a little philosophical stories about the little fairy Trixilie.

Best wishes


P.S. from Trixilie: eat rainbows

P.P.S. from Bea: I will explain this statement next week… hopefully 😉


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