Interview Liz from Bristol

We start a new series about the people we met in the UK.

Probably you noticed that we travel through the UK and create a Colouring Recipe Book (Click here!) about all the places we visit. Besides the beautiful places, we also want to meet people in the UK and love to see their live. So we asked Brit´s to show us their live (Click here!).

Liz was one of the first Brits, who invited us into her home and showed us everything about her life. It was amazing.

She has a lovely blog which is like a little treasure box. You can find her “Remember Me” Project, Recipes, Crafts, Fundraising for “Christmas in a Box” 2018 and muuuuuuch more.

Together with her husband Andy and her Real Live Rocking Dog, she lives in an old bakery (woooooowwww!!!). In every corner there are billions of things to discover (watch the picture below!). She is full of colours and it was such a joy to spend time with her. We had “only” 4 days, but every day was full of adventures, which we will show you in the next weeks.

But first we would like to introduce you to Liz…

We: Hello Liz, please tell the readers a bit about you (age, job, etc.):

Liz: I am a child of the 60’s (1960’s and not 1860’s)!!  I have had various jobs in my lifetime including army nurse, midwife and school nurse. I decided I wanted to leave the health service and do something more creative so I set up my own catering company “Heaven’s Cake”. For about 14 years I catered for weddings, law firms, garden parties, birthdays, picnics and funerals (because every funeral deserves divine food). The stamina required to cater for weddings began to take its toll as did dealing with Bridezillas! I come out of retirement occasionally to cater for events but choose to sew and blog rather than cook nowadays.

I met Andy my husband of 35 years in a military hospital in Germany. He was a patient on my first ward and had broken his jaw. We married in 1983 and I wore a meringue of a dress! I was such a child bride by todays standards!

We: Which three words best describe you?

Liz: Creative, family-orientated, nature-loving (sorry that’s cheeky, that’s 5 words!)

We: Why do you live in your city? And why did you choose this part of it? What do you love about it? What is unique about this place for you?

Liz: I love Bristol and its surrounds. Bristol was where I was born and raised. Joining the QARANC and then doing postings with Andy in the RAF we decided we wanted to put down roots for our children. We had the opportunity to build a house in my Dad’s garden and then later we moved to a crumbly 250 year old house on the outskirts of the city where we have lived for 21 years. I love the fact that the house is located on the Frome Valley Walkway so we can do several different woodland walks without having to drive the car. Equally we can have the fun and buzz of the city within about 10 minutes drive (outside rush hour traffic). I love the house, it’s totally unique and has been the place of many happy memories. It’s a great house for a party and we have even hosted pop up restaurants here on two occasions for charity. At Christmas it is beautiful with the fires/wood burner going.

We: What do you think is typical for Britain? Is there a British cliché that totally suits you? What would you love the world to know about this country?

Liz: Typical of Britain. I am always interested about what other countries think about us Brit’s. I hope we aren’t seen as beer swilling drunkards a la Benidorm. As we discussed when you were here I was so disappointed about the Brexit result and feel we have let fellow Europeans down with the Leave result. Nearly half of us Brit’s did not want this result.  I think I would like to tell the world that there is much more to Britain than visiting London! Our coastline and many of its coastal towns are beautiful as are the areas where there is such unspoilt landscape (Yorkshire Dales, Cumbria, Lake District, Scotland, Snowdonia etc..) Places like Oxford, York, Bath, Cambridge, Edinburgh are gorgeous and less of a rip off than London. We are much much more than LONDON! Bristol is great for food, its harbour, green space, Banksy, quirkiness.

We: What is your favourite place in Britain? And what was your most beautiful experience there?

Liz: I would struggle to find one place that I love, so here are a few! Charleston Farmhouse Sussex I adore. It’s where Vanessa Bell (sister of Virginia Woolf) hung out with lots of Bohemian Bloomsbury folk. They painted everything, I love the house and I love the garden and I never want to leave! Three Cliffs, Wales we had a lovely trip there one October in our little caravan and we sat out late at night on the cliff drinking wine looking at the stars. Perfect. Edinburgh. Love this city and its where my paternal ancestors originate from. I love everything about it. My Great Grandfather had a brush shop there

We: What do you love to do in UK?

Liz: What I love to do in UK. Walk new walks with Real Live Rocking Dog. I love the change of seasons and the smells of the new seasons. At the moment it’s buttercups, wild lilac, may and horse chestnut blossom.  We love going away in our little caravan and opening the hatch and looking out on a new view whilst drinking a steaming cup of coffee. Bliss. There is still so much of UK for me to discover yet.

We: What is your favourite British dialect and why?

Liz: Scottish dialect, but then I’m biased, being married to a Scot and my Father having been a Scot.

We: What is your favourite British recipe?

Liz: British Recipe. I like seasonal ingredients simply cooked. Jersey potatoes cooked al dente and tossed in a pan with butter and chopped parsley- what could be more delicious. We have some brilliant food producers in the country and we should really start getting very proud. I think a roast is typically British and done well is delicious. British Lamb, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, Yorkshire Puddings (some people only ever have them with Beef), garden peas, mint sauce. Delicious. I think for many Brit’s eating is unfortunately done in front of the TV so a roast often spells sitting at the table socialising with family (even if it is just one meal in the week on a Sunday). The British do cream like no one else I would say in the world. Clotted Cream is unique to the South West and essential for an English Cream Tea.

We: Which fruit and vegetable do you love to eat? And how do you like to eat it? (favourite preparation/recipe?)

Liz: I try to eat seasonally, so at the moment I am loving British asparagus. Roasted in the oven with a little olive oil and some Malden salt and a grinding of black pepper. Divine! I adore gooseberries and they make the most amazing flavouring for ice cream as well as being delicious in crumbles and pies. I have some growing in the garden but the blackbirds usually get there first!

We: Do you believe in fairies? (If so: Would you like to share a magical story with us?)

Liz: Of course I believe in fairies. My sister and I used to write to Fairy Rose. My sister always used to ask her for blonde hair and a magic wand. I always thought it was strange that she asked for blonde hair because she already had blonde hair! One day we sent a letter telling Fairy Rose that it was our mummy’s birthday and could she bake a cake for her. Do you know what… she wrote back and told us that she would put something in our cellar. The morning of my mum’s birthday we ran down the cellar steps to find an entire bakers tray full of cakes. There was a ring cake with white icing and glace cherries, chocolate cornflake cakes, fairy cakes (obviously), shortbread amongst other things. We struggled up the cellar steps through the house and on up to our parents bedroom. Didn’t mum look overjoyed!   (exhausted more like for she’d been up half the night baking!) We loved Fairy Rose

We: Hahahahaa… we love this fairy story sooooo much 🙂 Thank you for the great time with you. We really enjoyed it.


You see, Liz is such a colourful person, so don´t forget to visit her blog. You will discover a lot there:


It was such a pleasure to meet her and we are looking forward to see her again soon.

If you want to show us your live in the UK, then write us a mail 

Hugs and Kisses

Trixilie & Bea

P.S.: On you can see how we create the Colouring Book „Trixilie taste the UK“, all the places we visited and a lot of information about our journey and the UK.

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    1. Hi Helen,
      yes, the changing seasons are really beautiful: the first greens in spring, the full colours in sommer, the golden colours in autumn and the cold winter 🙂 Lovely 🙂
      Hugs and Kisses
      Trixilie & Bea

  1. I love that story about fairy Rose, I bet Liz was gobsmacked to see the cakes waiting in the cellar! This is a lovely interview and I agree,there is so much more to the UK than just London xx

    1. Hi Wendy
      we think so too. It must be amazing – a real fairy wonder – to see the cakes in the cellar 🙂
      Of course UK is so much more than just London. We travel/ed a lot in the UK and every place is different and has its own beauty.
      Do you have a special place in UK?
      Hugs and Kisses
      Trixilie & Bea

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