Last Minute Easter Menu

Next weekend is Easter. We totally forgot it… okay, we didn´t forget Easter, but we forgot the date. We thought Ester will be at the 23rd of April NOT at 16th of April.

Everybody only talked about Easter like this: „…at Easter we will…“ or „I´ll visit my family at Easter“… But nobody said a date. So for a long time we thought Easter will be at the 23rd of April, until yesterday. Yesterday we looked in calendar and we realized „Next weekend is Easter!“.

We were totally shocked: „We will have guests and we have no plan what to cook and we have to buy all ingredients and we have to decorate our home and we have to make little presents and…. aaaahhhrrrgghhhh!!!!!“

By the way, a shocked fairy looks like this 🙂

Trixilie is shocked 🙂

After 5 Minutes screaming and shocking we started to plan our Easter Menu. We created 4 different Easter Menus: a green menu (it´s a light menu), a orange menu (it´s a cold-served-menu, which you can easily prepare before your guests will arrive), a violet menu (which is our favourite) and a muffin buffet (it´s easy to prepare, you put it on the table and your guests could eat the whole time).

Whilst creating these menus, we thought perhaps you are in the same situation and these menus could be also helpful for you. So here they are:

(At the bottom is our Easter Gift Idea. Maybe it helps you, too.)


green menu (the light menu):

melon pear punch:

Pear Pea Pepper Soup:

Cucumber Avocado Tower:



orange menu (cold menu / easy to pre-prepare):

apricot iced tea:

orange vegetable tower:

nectarine gooseberry cake (instead of the gooseberry you could use sliced apples or frozen berries):


violet menu (our favourite):

blueberry basil punch:

plum onion tarte flambee:

berry marzipan soup:


muffin buffet (you-can-eat-all-the-time-„menu“):

beetroot muffins:

Brussels sprout muffins:

Double Apple Muffin:

Brownie Muffins:

Sweet Cranberry Hummous:

avocado hummus:

Beet Root Hummous:


And this is our Little Easter Presents for our guests (hopefully they don´t read it now 😉 ):

Trixilie´s world Berrytholdy (printed) + a rose + a tea + a few pencils:

Instead of the printed colouring pages, you could also give one of our free colouring recipes or a family photo, a voucher for 20 hugs, a invitation to a tea time, a walk in the park, a pyjama party or something else what you really like to do with this specific person.


We wish you and your dearest  a wonderful Easter time with lovely moments, a lot of fun and delicious food 😉


Hugs and Kisses

Trixilie & Bea

P.S.: Perhaps you like to say us, what you will eat at Easter 🙂 Write a comment 😉

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