Me and the colour blue

Last week, Bea and I were often in parks. There we found billions of these incredible blue flowers:

Trixilie loves the colour blue and the cute bumblebee 🙂

Aren´t they gorgeous? The bumblebee in the center of this picture is really cute 🙂

I tasted them, but they weren´t tasty. But because of these flowers I wanted to eat blue.

We searched for some blue fruit and vegetables in the market. What we found were:

  • blueberries,
  • dark grapes and
  • some edible flowers.

That was a good start. Back at home we discovered in the internet, that:

  • plums can shimmer blue,
  • spirulina are blue algaes and
  • there are a lot of different food colours.

But I didn´t want to colour my food!

Whilst I ate a few dark grapes, I watched Bea colouring a recipe and suddenly I had a great realization – I could colour my food!!! In the human world only a few fruits are a tiny bit blue, but in Berrytholdy the fruit and vegetabels could have every colour I wish for. So if Bea and I coloured a picture of Berrytholdy blue, I could fly to this place and eat a lot of blue fruit and vegetables.

I flew to Bea, sat on the recipe she wanted to colour and put on the most beautiful smile… hihihihi… I´ve learned Bea can´t resist my little fairy smile… hihiihi… including this time. She smiled at me when she heard my realization. But first she needed lunch…

After lunch (Bea said it was a really fast lunch, it only took 30 minutes – 10 to prepare and 20 to eat, but I don´t believe it because it felt like hours) finally we coloured the broccoli forest and a cut pumpkin home blue. Even the apple sun is in a light blue… hihihi… it is amazing.

After we finished (it took some hours) Bea went into the kitchen and prepared for her beetroot pasta with spicy tomato sauce. She said she needed another colour that evening, but I flew into this picture and ate a lot of blue. So this is my picture of the week:

Trixilie´s broccoli forest in blue

Did you ever eat blue broccoli? Or blue mushrooms? Or blue apples? No? Hihihii… but I did… hihihihi… All the blue food tasted a bit colder than the original ones – it was a great experience. Thanks to Bea for helping me to create a blue food paradise 🙂

Next time, when I see a blue flower and feel a blue hunger, then I will fly to this blue broccoli forest 🙂 The rest of the time I eat all other colours in the human world – also the nearly blue fruit like:

  • blueberries,
  • dark grapes,
  • plums,
  • blackberries,

So which colour did you eat last week? And which one did you prefer?

Hugs and Kisses


P.S.: Eat more rainbows 🙂

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