Our wildest Travel Adventures in UK

Since six months, Trixilie and I explore the taste of the UK. Besides all the different foods, places and people, we also had a lot of funny, surprisingly and wild travel experiences.

We´ve already shown you a lot about the food, places and people in/of the UK on Patreon. So it is time to talk about our wildest travel experiences 😉

In really every visited place, we had such “adventures”. Here is a little summary about the wildest experiences:

Worcester: Our journey started in December 2017 in Worcester. We took a train from London to Worcester and everything seemed to be okay. Trixilie was hidden in my pocket (that´s what fairies do on journeys 😉 ) and I had a window seat, so I could enjoy the landscape. But with each railway station we passed, we had more delay. At the end we had a delay of over 30 minutes. One station before our target station, the train company decided to end the journey. So everyone had to leave the train. My English was okay, but I wasn´t used to all the different British accents. So I tried to figure out how we can reach our target station. After I talked to a lot of train service people, I knew our new route. We waited for our new train in the winter at a very windy station for 30 minutes. It came in time and we reached our first stay in the UK. BUT later I figured out, that we could have walked as well from this windy station to our new stay, which would have taken 10 minutes… 🙂 Anyway! The stay in Worcester was worth that journey 😉

Liverpool: Yes, again a train story. But it is the last – promised 😉 On our way to Liverpool, all the passengers had to leave the train one station before our target station… again. But this time we had no delay. Until now I have no idea why we had to leave the train. The conductor just said that we have to leave the train. Well, I think he said it… he had a very strong Liverpooler accent…  All passengers (the train was really full) were squeezed on a very tiny train station. It was cold and nobody knew anything. So we waited. After 10 minutes a new train arrived, which was only half the size of the train before and it was already full. The people started to walk to the new train. Trixilie and I were in the middle of it, so we were “carried” by the mass of the people into the new train – we had no chance to escape. Probably you can imagine how “comfortable” it was: I had my huge and heavy rucksack on the back and my smaller one on my chest, surrounded by very close people… At least the train drove… well… for 5 minutes… then it stopped and we waited ONE hour until the train drove again and we reached the final station. After this journey we had a great time in Liverpool, with good food, lovely places and funny experiences with the Liverpooler accent 😉

Bristol: This time no train story, but a hotel room window story. Sometimes Trixilie and I stay in hotel rooms for a few days. Every time we are surprised about the draughty windows in the hotels. Most of the times it was okay for us, we closed the curtains and it was fine -except in Bristol. We stayed in a very windy room for 5 days. First we closed the curtains and thought it´s done. After a few minutes we noticed that the curtains started to move a lot because of the wind from outside (yes, the window was closed). We discovered that between the window and its frame was a big space (I could put my finger in this space). After a talk with the hotel stuff, we knew, that all hotel windows looked like our window, that the hotel is fully booked and that the windows are save…   Well, so we made the best of it. We took a large towel, squeezed it between window and its frame (the curtains still moved, but not as bad as before) and pushed the bed (it had rolls) to the other side of the room close to the radiator. We called it indoor camping and enjoyed our time in Bristol 🙂

Bath: This story is more a cute story. On the 5th of each month, Trixilie and I send handwritten and drawn colouring postcard to our patrons. So we needed stamps and visited a post office on a Saturday. The lady in the post office saw us, ran straight to us and started to talk. The whole day, were just a few people in the post office and she was bored because she did not have anything to do (she said it is typical for a Saturday in this post office). So she was very happy to see us. We bought stamps and spend nearly one hour in the post office talking with her about Bath. What a lovely lady 🙂 She told us her favourite places which we really enjoyed to visit 🙂

Leeds: After a long journey in a coach, we arrived in Leeds City Centre. Our new stay was on the edge of Leeds and after such a long journey we took a taxi… I mean we tried… We came out of the coach station and walked straight to the first taxi we saw. The taxi driver wore a white turban which shined very bright in the sunlight – like his smile. We gave a piece of paper with the address of our new stay to the taxi driver and asked him, if he could take us to this address. He answered “Yes, Jureet!”. I introduced me as Bea and asked him how long it will take to get to the address. He answered again “Yes, Jureet!”. I was a bit confused. He again “Yes, Jureet!”. Because I was still confused, he walked with me to the next taxi driver, gave him my piece of paper and talked with him about the route. Now I was really confused. After a few minutes “my” taxi driver said “Heereet! Go in car! Heereet!”. Still confused I put my luggage, Trixilie and me in the car and we started off. Whilst I sat in the car, I started to understand… I think he meant “You read” and not “Jureet”… I felt so bad, than I had to laugh about myself and felt bad again… Well, languages can be tricky sometimes 😉 Anyway! The stay in Leeds was great and Trixilie and I enjoyed Leeds and its beautiful surrounding 🙂


Even when some of these situations were a tiny bit difficult, I am really happy about them. They turned into great lessons and stories and I don´t want to miss them 🙂

That was only the first half-time of our journey. Now we are in Tunbridge Wells and enjoy the time in this lovely small city. In a few weeks we will travel to the next stays. Who knows which wild travel experiences we will have then 🙂

If you like, you can follow very close our journey and the progress of the Colouring Recipe Book “Trixilie tastes the UK” here –> Click!

Hugs and Kisses

Trixilie & Bea

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