In 2017 Bea and I like to travel to Great Britain. So we watch English films, we seek places we like to visit and surf the internet for some more information.

During the internet surfing I found something new for me last week. There is a huge universe of “Keep Calm and…”

The best I found are: Keep calm and…

… eat chocolate

… carry on

… be a unicorn

… love me

… sparkle on

… change the crown

… travel on


But I didn´t saw a “Keep Calm and eat RASPBERRIES”. So I asked Bea to create it. And she did…. Yeapeeee!!!!

Now I have my own “Keep Calm and eat RASPBERRIES!” 🙂 And it is my picture of the week – of course 😉


What is your favourite “Keep Calm and…”? Leave a comment below!


Hugs and Kisses


P.S.: And don´t forget – Enjoy your food 🙂



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