1x shopping + 1x cooking = 5 x supper


Do you know these evenings? You want to cook a delicious supper for you and your family – a delicious supper with a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, but due to a lack of time you serve convenience food… again.

You don´t want to eat any more convenience food and you wanted to try the vegan food for a long time?

Here is something for you 😉

What do you think about a Supper-Plan – based on „once a week shopping + once a week cooking = 5 delicious suppers for the whole week“

Imagine, how easy and time-saving it is if you would go shopping and cooking only once a week and you will get 5 delicious suppers for you and your family.


You will get with the vegan Supper-Plan:

  • a 1-week-shopping-list: which includes all ingredients of all 5 suppers of the week – for 1, 2, 3 and 4 person. So you save time (you have to go shopping only once a week) and you save money (you only have to buy the ingredient you really need for the suppers).
  • a 1-week-supper-cooking-in-2-hours-plan: so you can cook all 5 suppers in approx. 2 hours – also written for 1, 2, 3 and 4 person. In the evenings you only have to warm up the suppers – like a convenience food – but much more better 😉
  • a 1-week-menu: this menu shows you when you could eat the suppers. So you don´t have to plan the meals and you save a lot of time.
  • all the supper recipes: if you want to cook a supper without the plan thing. All recipes are written for 1, 2, 3 and 4 person.
  • all suppers are vegan and they are also tasty for non-vegan-eaters. If one of your non-vegan-eaters „need“ a bit meat or cheese, you can add it really easily.
  • AND there are no fancy super deluxe ingredients, which you can buy only in a very specific shop in very specific location. You can buy all ingredients very easily, so you don´t spend the saved time for searching of ingredients 😉

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Elisabeth from Munich

„Dear Beatrice, your Supper-Plans are absolutely superbly! I don´t like to cook, but I love to eat and you resolve my biggest problem: to handle the cooking problem. In the evenings I have to (want to) cook for a four-person family. The daily what-to-cook-question, musings about the shopping list, annoying shopping and the DAILY cooking time annoying me colossal. This ends mostly with a loveless unhealthy convenience food and sad faces of my family. But now we have the supper-plans – thank you so much. The wish of a lot busy parents came true 🙂 “

translated from German

Questions and Answers:

Which recipes are used in the vegan Supper-Plans?

Beside the pink button you can read the recipes of one week (on the right hand side). I created all of the recipes on my own and my friends, Trixilie and I love to eat them 😉

Is the vegan 5-Weeks-Meal-Plan proven?

Yes, from me 🙂 , my friends and some vegan 5-Weeks-Meal-Plan-User, too. Original it was a lunch-plan, which I created for a friend. After some weeks it became very popular among my friends. A lot of my friends tried and evaluated it and the lunch plan became the supper plan. 2016 I published the first official version of it  (recipes and shopping list were just for 2 person). 2017 the vegan Supper-Plan got a face lift: new design and the recipes and shopping list are for 1, 2, 3 and 4 person. You see, the plans are proven 😉

Do I need special cooking equipment, for example a high-performance mixer?

You still do not need to spend a fortune on your cooking equipment. Besides a pot, pan, knife, you need a blender or an immersion blender, but the cheap versions are good enough 😉


What should I do when I have visitors?

Every recipes is written for 1, 2, 3 and 4 person. At the top of each recipe you will find the ingredients, so you can buy the missing ingredients and cook for you and your visitors.

What are the protein sources?

The most food allergies and food intolerances are to soy or seitan (wheat protein). That´s why this ingredients are NOT part of the vegan Supper-Plans. You will get your proteins from lentils (black, red, green, yellow), chick peas, yellow peas, white beans, kidney beans and so on.

I have allergies or just don’t like certain foods?

The whole vegan Supper-Plan is soy free and all the used grains, nuts, fruit, vegetable and legumes can replaced with another sort of them. But if you will find an ingredient in the meal plan, which you don´t know how to replace, you can write me an email 🙂

I am worried about wasting food.

The menus are carefully planned to use all the ingredients you buy for the week. So you don´t waste food.

Do I’ll always eat the same thing?

Of course not… that would be really boring 😉 In the vegan Supper-Plan is one recipe you will eat twice and 3 recipes you will eat only once. So no, you won´t always eat the same thing 😉


When do I receive my vegan Supper-Plan?

You will be able to download the digital files as soon as you ordered. You can print the files or view them on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

The last question: where can I get the vegan Supper-Plan?

That´s really easy, push the pink button and you will transfer to the vegan Supper-Plan of my Etsy-Shop.

The vegan Supper-Plan 2nd Week is in progress. Sign up and get our newsletters, special discounts (as soon as the 2nd Week is published) and freebies.