the shortest post ever

I think this is the shortest post ever 🙂

Since two weeks Trixilie is in Berrytholdy and I miss her very much. So I went back to Trixilies idea from week 05: „when I could see her everywhere it would be a bit like she were still living in my flat. So I should create my breakfast cup, pillow, smartphone, shirt and towel –  in short everything – with pictures of her

And so I uploaded some pictures of Trixilie and ordered somethings – especially a pillow… for hugging…

come to the fairy side, we have raspberries

come to the fairy side, we have raspberries.

Maybe you like something too. There are pillow, pictures, Shirts, dresses, skirts, bags, and everything else 😉

A big change: Trixilie and I decided to hav a shop at etsy:

I wish you a great week.

Best wishes




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