Trixilie has never seen horses before

Monday 01/08/2016

On Monday we needed fresh fruits and vegetables and after after the shopping we took a walk in the park. There were a lot of puddles in the park and some had floating leaves in them. Trixilie remembered her water skiing in the water bowl a few weeks ago and screamed: „I have done this before!“ So she flew over to the leave, stepped carefully on the leave and then she started to flutter really fast with her wings. It looked like a freestyle surfing.


It looked like a freestyle surfing

Trixilie had so much fun and was so proud, that she surfed in every puddle she saw. It was amazing 🙂 And it was a really long day in the park 😉


Tuesday 02/08/2016

Trixilie is so curious – especially in cooking… okay, that is a lay… she is interested in everything 😉 But on Tuesday she wanted to know more about cooking. In the last weeks I have taught her a lot of simple and easy to prepare recipes (these are all combined in Trixilie´s  first colouring recipe book „Trixilie´s very first recipes“), but she wanted to know more. So I let her look into my digital recipe „box“ to choose one new recipe. But she didn´t choose just one! She found my colour recipes. (These are recipes to cook a meal in just one colour. For example a completely yellow  lasagne or a violet soup.) And suddenly she screamed „I want to cook all of the red and violet recipes, please, please, please…“ 🙂

Well, what shall I say to this? Of course I said YES 😉

So we started to cook red and violet. Our first recipe was this red cabbage pomegranate salad and grape risotto:


red cabbage pomegranate salad and grape risotto

Trixilie was really proud about her result and she talked about it the whole day 😉 She is such a little sweet heart 🙂


Wednesday 03/08/2016

After breakfast, Trixilie visited some fairies in Berrytholdy. I had also a nice „girls day“ with some friends. It was a lovely day for both of us 🙂


Thursday 04/08/2016

On Thursday I had a lot of appointments, so I had to walk and go by bus across Berlin. Trixilie accompanied me in one of my pockets the whole time. Between the appointments we discovered the parks nearby. Berlin is such a green city and full of different cultures.

Trixilie was silent the whole day. She needed all her energy to absorb all the new information. When we were back at home both of us were  tired and Trixilie slept on my hand. Look how lovely:


Trixilie is sleeping on my hand

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 05 – 07/08/5016

On Friday morning I was woken up by a singing little fairy. She snuggled up to my cheek and told me that her friends had told her something about horses on Wednesday. Trixilie has never seen horses before. She stood on my pillow, looked at me with big round eyes and asked if we could go to some horses. I started to laugh. This fairy is magnificent.

I checked my schedule – no appointments – wrote a massage to a friend, got the answer, smiled, looked at Trixilie and said „Okay, let´s go. We will be spending our weekend at a horse riding center.“ With this words I stood up, showered, prepared some breakfast boxes, packed my bag, took Trixilie in my pocket and went to the next tube station. Trixilie was so surprised, that she was really silent the whole time. 🙂 One hour later, we were at the horse riding center.

Explanation: One friend of mine lives on a horse riding farm. When Trixilie asked to see horses, I asked my friend to stay with her for the weekend. And she said „Yes, of course.“

Because we stayed at the home of my friend, I don´t like to publish the photos – I hope you understand this. But I can tell you, Trixilie was really happy. She could see horses for the very first time and our days at the horse riding center were fantastic. We ate a lot, we talked a lot, we walked a lot and we laughed a lot. And in-between we saw a lot of horses 🙂


Trixilie and I hope, that you had a fantastic weekend, too.

If you like,  check out Trixilie´s books Berrytholdy and Trixilie´s very first recipes 🙂

Have a wonderful week.

Best wishes


P.S. from Trixilie: eat rainbows.


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