Trixilie is back

I am really happy – Trixilie is back. On Friday morning I was woken up by a little fairy. Two weeks ago Trixilie moved in her book “Berrytholdy” – her personal gate to her fairy land. That meant, two weeks without Trixilie for me (and during this time I missed her so much…). So it was a big surprise to be woken up by her. She told me a lot about Berrytholdy and her little adventures there. And she decided to live in the human world, to discover it. She will visit Berrytholdy sometimes, but most of the time she will stay in the human world… Hooray 🙂 But I should start at the beginning 😉


Friday 22/07/2016

On Friday morning a little fairy sat beside my head on my pillow and sang an unknown song. At first I thought it was a dream, so I turned over in bed. But then I felt a singing little fairy sitting on my face. I was so surprised that I sat up really quickly. So quickly that I catapulted Trixilie to the end of the bed. Both of us started to giggling 🙂 Ohhhh… I missed this little giggling 🙂

For the whole of Friday, she told me about the birthday party from her mother, the apple boat trip, the visits from her friends, the warm welcome from her parents, funny stories about her brother, and a lot of other stories. It was fantastic.

As an aside, she also told me that she wants to live in the human world and she asked if she could live with me. I was so touched. Of course Trixilie could live with me. It is a great idea. I love to spend time with her, to discover (un-)known places with her, to look through her eyes, her giggling and her curiosity. It will be a really big adventure for both of us 😉

So we made plans about what we like to do in the coming  months: to go to the zoo, to the opera, in museums, to other cities and countries. So get excited about our next weeks and months! 😉


Saturday 23/07/2016

We wanted to celebrate Trixilie´s return. Trixilie wished to eat a rainbow – of course 😉 – and a cake. So I mixed both wishes and created a rainbow cake with a lot of fruit on and in the cake. It was a magnificient. First, we thought about the ingredients and, then I wrote the recipe on paper, we wrote a shopping list, bought everything at the market, came back home and started to bake the rainbow cake.

After I mixed the dough, put it into the springform pan and placed the pan in the oven, Trixilie sat in the dough bowl and “tasted” the whole bowl clean. hahaha…. that looked so cute 🙂

Trixilie in the dough bowl

Trixilie in the dough bowl

Now, you know why I missed her, right? 😉


After baking, the cake already looked delicious.

Rainbow Cake (vegan)

Rainbow Cake (vegan)

But with the cream and the rainbow fruits on top it looked fabulous.

Rainbow Cake (vegan)

Rainbow Cake (vegan)

Rainbow Cake (vegan)

Rainbow Cake (vegan)

While we ate this cake, Trixilie had the great idea, that I could draw the recipe. So I did. It was such a great fun, that Trixilie and I finished the recipe. On Thursday the “Rainbow Cake” recipe will go online. The colouring version you can get in the Secret Club.

Sunday 24/07/2016

On Sunday I was invited to a barbeque party in a really big garden full of old trees, hedges and flowers. So Trixilie came with me. I enjoyed the delicious barbeque, lovely atmosphere and interesting talks. Trixilie enjoyed the hidden places, flowers and butterflies in the garden. So both of us had a lot of fun 🙂


You see, Trixilie is back and we had a lot of fun again 😉 I look forward to the coming weeks and adventures. Let´s see what will happen 🙂

Have a nice week. We will 😉

best regards

Trixilie and Bea

P.S. from Trixilie: eat rainbows 🙂



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