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Thats Bea

Hi, my name is Bea and I am an artist from Germany who creates recipes for colouring.

Together with the little fairy Trixilie, who loves to eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, I want to collect the taste of the UK in a book. But it will not be an ordinary cook book.

It will combine:

  • colouring pages of the places we visited +
  • colouring letters about these places +
  • colouring pictures of prepared meals inspired by these places +
  • colouring recipe with mini pictures how to prepare the meal.
Beispiel Maughan Library

You see, it is a quite special colouring-cook-book 😉

On my Patreon page you can see how I sketch and draw all these pages.

For whom is this book intended?

This book is in general for all people who love to cook with a lot of fruit and vegetables and in particular for kids. That´s why all recipes are designed especially for kids‘ taste and preparing skills. So all ingredients are easy to get, all recipes are simple to prepare with small hands 😉 and all meals are easily to eat.

The colouring recipes encourage kids to prepare their own meals with a lot of fun. They become more self-confident because they cook on their own and support their family with delicious healthy meals – like the big ones 🙂 The little fairy Trixilie helps them with a lot of tricks and advice, so it is more a game or a little adventure to cook and bake.


How to follow the process of this book?

Creating a book means spending a lot of time, energy and money, but it also means having a lot of fun creating something new, to see how a huge project comes alive and to enjoy the progress. It is like watching your own child grow and blossom. So, I invite you to join me on this exciting journey, to see all the progress, to enjoy watching how all the colouring pictures develop from a blank page to a finished artwork and to support this book. Become a patron saint of us/it. Click here! All our patron saints receive exclusive rewards.

Become a Patron

If you have never heard about Patreon, it is like an ongoing crowdfunding campaign where  everyone who enjoys my content can donate small amounts of money (e.g. 2$ per month) and in return, I give you exclusive rewards (look-over-my-shoulder-videos, newly designed colouring postcards from the UK, you are involved in/with important decisions,…). Basically, it works like a subscription service and you can opt in and out any time you want. Patreon allows me to have a financial foundation for the „Trixilie tastes the UK“ project and to have a deep connection with you – you will be part of the whole process. All the rewards are meant to bring me/the project closer to you. So please come over and take a look at this page. If you want to help me out and become part of our little Patreon family, I will appreciate that immensely.

Why the UK?

Since I read the first Sherlock Holmes story 20 years ago, I have been wanting to travel the UK. To me, the UK means beautiful landscapes and natural gardens, hidden fairy places, lots of tea, different cultures and a great black humour… But up until now I have never managed to visit the country. There was always something that came up …

A year ago, Trixilie came into my life and changed everything. That, I think, is what fairies do 😉 She discovered and tasted a lot of Berlin, where we live, but now she wants to taste something new. She encouraged me to pick up my UK-traveling-dream.

Now Trixilie and I travel across the UK in 2018. A whole year discovering a new culture and new places, meeting new people, collecting different tastes, sketching and drawing colouring recipes inspired by these places and the encounters. All of this will be collected in the book „Trixilie tastes the UK“ – and you can be part of its creation, as  a patron over at Patreon – or if you live in the UK, as our guide (see below).

Why this sort of book?

We love the taste of fruit and vegetables,  we love to colour and to draw, we love to cook and to eat, we love to meet people and we love to discover… so we put all our loves in this book. It is an adventure journey through different tastes and places of the UK. Who doesn’t love a little adventure!

How to find these places?

We would love to see the UK through the eyes of locals – the real UK, so we depend on you to get an insight into the daily British life and learn about the beauty of the UK. We´d be thrilled if you helped us to dive into your world and see your country, your life through your eyes. The best way to do it, to learn another culture, to see the details of another life is to be a part of your life – at least  for some moments. So we always appreciate an invite for a day or two to live and work with you, learn from you and share some joyful moments.

If you know fairy places or magical places, if you are a farmer or subsistence balcony farmer, if you are a food blogger or hand craft (for kids) blogger, if you are a hobby gardener or a professional … Whatever you think could fit with food, kids craft, fairies and/or magic, please get in touch:


In exchange, you will be part of our journey diary (we will write a blog article about you and your place) AND all the people we visit in the UK (who showed us their UK) will be a part of  the „Trixilie tastes the UK“ book – forever 🙂 (your name will be mentioned on one special supporter page at the beginning of this book).

Beispiel Maughan Library

This book adventure summarized in one sentence:

From 01.01.2018 to 31.12.2018 we travel through the UK, meet people in the UK, learn how they live in the UK, visit a lot of places, write a blog to present all the people and places we meet, create a colouring cook book of these places and show you very closely the development of this book.

So, do you want to be part of this huge adventure? Yes? Then write us an email and show us your UK and/or become our patron saint Click!

Trixilie tastes the UK_Patreon