What is winter and how does it feel

Monday 13/06/2016

On Monday Trixilie asked: „What is winter and how does it feel?“  I explained her a lot about cold, rainy and snowy weather. I showed her also a lot of pictures of snow, snowmen, frozen lakes, ice skating and skiing. She was really interested and after I told her everything I know, she said that she would definitely come back in winter. I was surprised, this was the first time she said, she would visit me.

Trixilie - Winter?

Trixilie – Winter?

She carried on and told me that she would love to visit me sometimes, because she also liked me and wanted to see me again. I smiled and promised her that I would put her book nearby my bed – always a bit open.


Tuesday 14/06/2016

On Tuesday I wanted to eat apple cookies. So I started baking after breakfast. Of course Trixilie helped me. She created her very first snowman … okay, it is more a cookie-snowman 😉

She was really proud of it:

Trixilie´s dough-cookie-snowman

Trixilie´s dough-cookie-snowman

After the cookies were in the oven and I wanted to clean up the kitchen Trixilie had a lot of funny ideas. For example she created a dragonfly with the „apple-waste“:

Trixilie´s dragonfly

Trixilie´s dragonfly

Have I already mentioned that Trixilie was proud of her very first snowman? 😉 She was so proud of her snowman, so here is another picture of it 😉

Trixilie´s cookie-snowman

Trixilie´s cookie-snowman

The cookies were tasty. Trixilie thought so, too, but she talked the whole time about her snowman. Her cookie- snowman was the last one we ate … of course 🙂

Because of this cockie-snowman she wanted to have a lot of snowmen in her book. And I promised her to draw her a lot of different fruit snowmen 🙂


Wednesday 15/06/2016

On Wednesday Trixilie and I wanted to create the cover of her book, but we were unsure. I mean Trixilie liked both sketches but could not decide which one would be the best.

Cover A:



Cover A

or Cover B:



Cover B

Which one would you prefer? Please write a comment below this post. You would help Trixilie a lot.


Thursday 16/06/2016

At lunch Trixilie and I cooked this pea hummus with zucchini. Trixilie enjoyed it a lot. And of course you can imagine that one of the best parts of the cooking process for her was playing with the peas 🙂

she counted peas:

Trixilie counts peas

Trixilie counts peas

she played soccer:

Trixilie plays soccer

Trixilie plays soccer

she built a snowman:

Trixilie builts a snowman

Trixilie builts a snowman

and she really enjoyed to mash the peas for the hummus 😉

It is so incredibly joyful to live with a little fairy like her 🙂


Friday 17/06/2016

On Friday I had a lot of appointments, so I had to walk and go by bus across Berlin. Trixilie accompanied me in one of my pockets the whole time. She wanted to discover Berlin and the people who are living here.

After we were back at home she asked a lot questions. The most important thing for her was why so many people were in a hurry and behaved rude. I explained that Berlin people are often viewed as rude, however I think some just have a rough heartiness – rough, because of the „Berliner Schnauze“ (manner in which Berlin people speak). They just say what they think.



But Trixilie is right. A lot of or I think most people are in a hurry. They have so much to do every day, that they forget to relax or to go a bit slower. But I also think that is not just a Berlin thing, it is true for every big city.

Trixilie was surprised about that. She thinks, when you are always in a hurry you can´t see what is around you and you can´t enjoy it.

Good point. What do you think? If you like you can write a comment below the post. Trixilie and I are really interested in your point of view.

Take it easy

Take it easy 😉

Saturday 18/06/2016

At breakfast Trixilie decided to have an art day. She wanted to paint on a big canvas. So we collected watercolour paper, paintbrushes, pens, acrylic paint and some old boxes of watercolours. We painted the whole day 🙂


Sunday 19/06/2016

Sunday we had a really relaxed day. We almost did nothing – I mean we stood up early (like we did everyday), had a delicious breakfast, had a long walk in the park, went back home for a tasty lunch and watched a lot of fairy tales. This was the first time Trixilie ever watched movies at TV. She was very fascinated – really cute 🙂

While we watched the fairy tales, I sketched the new colouring picture for you. You can find it in Trixilie´s Paradise.

We wish you a lot of fun.

Best wishes







P.S. from Trixilie: eat rainbows 🙂

P.P.S.: Which Cover would you prefer? Please write a comment. You would help Trixilie a lot.

P.P.P.S.: AND are we all in a hurry?



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